Luisana, their parents and siblings are installed in Canada, where they spent Christmas Eve with the singer and fiance of the girl.

After New Year, the actress with her future husband would travel to Mar del Plata, where he will Passion season with Darius, his brother.

Of course, therein lies the singer Michael Bublé, Luisana future husband, the most famous of the plan. Together they receive this Christmas night, to take the commitment of marriage is scheduled for next April 6, 2011.

Moreover, according to The Chronicle lovey-dovey, the idea is to go after New Year to Mar del Plata, for the new family member familiar with another city in Argentina and everyone can accompany Darius, the brother of the blonde, in her presentation Passion theatrical work.

The show's producer, Aldo Funes, offered by an exchange accommodation at a five star hotel. According to versions, the couple would be arriving very Merry on 3 January.