Seven-thirty in the afternoon. On the other side of the line hears the sound of a TV that rattles the serious events in the Constitution. Diego Maradona attends and knows the reason for the call. "Yes, and Vero (for Veronica Ojeda, his partner) told me everything. I know what he (Grondona), but I will not respond further. I will go straight to the lawyers: I'll sue for all he said. I already contacted and are investigating the case. This is not cause for more. (Grondona) is beside himself. "
He stresses that can cause more damage. Julio Grondona, interviewed by Fox Sports, spoke of "what everybody knows" in reference to problems affecting the life of Maradona.
"Grondona did not know" what everybody knows "when they hired? Maradona responds: "That is why I'm going to do me all the analysis as appropriate.
6 years ago I do not take a glass of wine.
This goes directly to my lawyers. I do not speak anymore, my lawyers will speak now. People say "happy holidays" and that in football we all know. "
Half an hour later, Maradona again from the other side of the phone: "I just talked to my lawyers and (Grondona) got into an ugly. He got the worst ... Because if you talk about my illness, I would remind you that it is within the technical staff at Cheche (Batista) and Rodríguez (Alberto, brother and field assistant coach of the national team) who went through what I went through. And Altafini told me when he came to Italy to play for Milan against Estudiantes, Bilardo was drugged up to the eggs.
At that time there were no doping controls in the Libertadores and the Intercontinental. Three on the coaching staff that had the same problem that I had. "
The war was already installed.
Diego again branding the president of the AFA and The Standard in an interview with Clarin published on Monday. And pulled gruresa ammunition "Grondona is gaga.
If you are the Prairie (for the Swiss clinic) three times a year for something will be. I have the illusion of returning to the selection. But when will these (Grondona and Bilardo). They have little ...".
Bilardo, whom Maradona branded a traitor and a wimp - came out to answer in his radio program. And Grondona did not last much longer. "No wonder," what Maradona said, "because such fluctuations are normal is.
One day you love, another hates you ...
There are reasons why that happens all we know, "said FIFA vice-president again alluding to the old Diego personal problems. "It's ugly to say that pity. But feel sorry for what he says. More because he knows that 80 percent do not.
I see this guy talks a lot of codes but he has the least, "he added.
Grondona noted that "I spoke at his home (Ezeiza) with President of Tristan Smith (Gaston Granados) as a witness. I offered to continue until 2014 and asked to change the general structure (the coaches) because they did not agree.
Everyone knew that I disagreed with his colleagues, especially with Mancuso.
And I said no. "
Asked by Clarin, Alejandro Mancuso, the former aide in the World "said:" The last thing I care about is that I want Grondona. I do not care. I only care that I want my family and friends. "
"I am calm because I could meet someone who could have been in debt. But wisely. And together with the people they have to come together.
If you change your life, would run as an orchard.
Not so, "said Grondona. And he let his anger at the phrase contained Maradona: "I'm not gaga. I have nothing gaga. It bothered me. I know what I say and what I do. I have 79 years, respect for the elderly and do not say where I go or let go (by La Prairie).
Button will not be ever. "
The president of the AFA propped up its counterattack with this sentence: "I do not take greater account of Maradona. I did everything possible to indulge the Argentine people. To give you a taste "Mr.". And the whole world. Not up to me if you want to do things like do not match. "
And ruled out any interference by the government to Maradona will continue to be the coach of the Team after the meeting at his villa in Ezeiza. "I never called Cristina (by Fernandez de Kirchner, the president), and nobody suggested anything. I am completely calm. "
So passed another chapter of this war that promises more battles. In the middle, a blue and white shirt he draws a tear.