Among the most searched terms set by the Argentinian World Gaturro and the young actress Romina Yan, whose death shocked the country last September.
Gaturro world is the first online platform for children developed in Argentina. It was designed by the Digital Media Company (CMD) of Grupo Clarin this last year and launched an application for smart phones.
On 28 September, the Argentines were surprised by the unexpected death of actress Romina Yan of only 36 years. The tokens of affection and solidarity with her and her family were replicated everywhere and also reached the Internet. It was precisely where users sought information about Romina.
The Google search statistics covering the widest range of subjects, showed the enormous interest by the Argentine World Cup, the health of Gustavo Cerati, unexpected things as well as the growth of Justin Bieber, the award-winning singer Canadian pop, a teenager who was the rage in 2010. Another issue was the most requested flu vaccines to the concerns to know how to do things from an "@" to send a mail to how to cook noodles or pancakes. This year, the bicentennial came to form and became one of the privileged matters. Their celebration caught the attention of users and that was reflected in the ranking of searches.
Divided thematically, the 2010 statistics show what were the most popular searches with "Facebook" at the top of the mini ranking, followed by "games", "play games" (sic), "YouTube", "video" site " Drop "mail service" Hotmail "," Clarín "," Google "itself and" music. "
The newspaper Clarin is in fact the only medium that ranks among the top 10 most searched terms on Google, in the eighth.
Among the strongest growing searches are in addition to "World Gaturro" and "Justin Bieber", the online music search engine "Grooveshark" social network "Twitter" site "", "movies id" again "Facebook", "YouTube", "Hotmail" and "free market", the electronic trading platform.
In the list of emerging local artists displayed in addition to Romina Yan and Gustavo Cerati, Lolca Ponce, Brenda Gandini, Isabel Macedo, Sandro, Luciano Pereyra, the clown "fixed sprocket" Indio Solari and "Almost Angels."
Like every year, the terms sports also had a special place among Argentines preferred searches. Those who grew the most were "global results," Clarín game "Gran DT 2010", Torneo Clausura 2010, "World Cup 2010 fixture", "Torneo Apertura 2010", "Selection of Argentina 2010", "Argentina Germany", footballer Gonzalo "Higuain," the lions "by the selected hockey and" strikers. "
In the "News", as sought by the Argentines were the terms "newspaper" Clarín ", the" Nation ", the sports daily Olé", "news", "voice" (by the newspaper The Cordovan Voz del Interior), "Infobae", "firsts" news channel "TN" and "La Capital."
Internet-related words that grew the most between the demands of the users include email services Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. We are social networks "Facebook in Spanish," Twitter, instant messaging application for web and mobile "eBuddy", the file-sharing program "Ares", the pair "4shared," the "MSN" from Microsoft and Site Badoo. "
The other theme of Google listings can be viewed here. No ranking of terms on Television, "" Health, "" How to "," Games "," gossip "," Beauty "," Fashion, "" Cars, "" Recreation, "among others.
2010 to rank search tools were used a little more refined than those available to the public and remove all of the questions that appear to be spam, irrelevant or circular and thus achieve a report that represents "the spirit of the times"

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