Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain, affected by a herniated disc that prevents you from playing, said his main wish for 2011 is to overcome this injury and possibility of visiting a playground.

"My wishes for 2011 are soon to return to play and celebrate together many titles in Cibeles. My recovery is well under way, every day I feel better but I have to have patience. In my head just happens to recover and look forward because I have a lot of faith that everything will go very well, "said the" Pipit "the official website of Real Madrid.

Argentine national team striker suffered in early December, "a herniated disc in the lumbar (L5-S1), which will produce sensory and motor weakness in the lower limb, " said at the time the Spanish side.

Surgery or wait for the evolution of the lesion were alternatives Higuain, who chose the second option and is not played since then and, according to some voices that were raised in recent days, could miss the rest of the season with no signs improvement and have to resort to surgery.

According to the newspaper AS, when he returns to Spain on January 3, Higuain will conduct a week of training to assess the state of the injury, doctors at the end of the institution "merengue" conduct a "thorough examination to check the status of back. If the tests are positive, Higuain will not have to go through a surgery. "