Despite having suffered for most of the weight I find your lack of offensive, students found Hernán Rodrigo López permitierton the goals that beat Arsenal 2-0 and devoted champion of the Apertura.

After more than 70 minutes in which he sought unsuccessfully, knowing that Velez earned in Avellaneda, Alejandro Sabella all found the light through the Uruguay striker, who joined in the second half and scored two goals that enabled the whole platense local won his fifth title.

In a field where he won all nine games he played, the cast Pincharrata suffered but eventually was able to celebrate a tournament in which overcame various contingencies such as a large number of potential injuries that dwindled throughout the tournament but could not prevent which deservedly take the title.

In a very balanced first time students in their individual never found the option to break Arsenal's defensive fence. Bran and their hard-earned Benitez in midfield, and Veron and Enzo Pérez, responsible for generating and supplying football the "Gata" Fernandez, were erratic and far from his best in those initial 45 minutes Arsenal did what he does best : bet his solid defense, quickly played down the wings with Adrian Gonzalez and Claudio Mosca and used well with Pence, who was the attacker of reference and a constant complication for local defenders.

At 9 minutes, when the people of "Click" celebrated, Pablo Lunati, at the request of an assistant, annulled for offside goal Gaston Fernandez. Two minutes later and after a free kick that fell short Veron, Enzo Pérez finished off and made to look Cristian Campestrini, who prevented the opening of the marker.

Veron was 23 again on the right sector Fernandez sent a cross that hit the near post but his header was off target.

Sabella's team tried but in the first stage the lack offensive suffered many headaches caused him throughout the tournament.

In addition students came out determined in search of victory was all vertical and could not in the original.

Arsenal, replicated in its field, gave land to the local ball, that little by little, with good appearances and weight Enzo Pérez offensive that brought Hernán Rodrigo López, cornered the cast of Sarandi.

After some unfortunate attempts Perez and Benitez, the desired benefit at 28 came after Benitez's corner from the left that hit Lopez and introduced into the arc of Campestrini, who covered the "Gata" Fernandez, fully enabled, not could react.

With the advantage repelgó Students are dangerously on his goal, but Arsenal found a way to undermine the bolt platense defensive team.
With three minutes left and when Lopez was the only attacker Pincharrata, Benitez took a central and Uruguay increased between the visitors center and a precise header settled the match.

From time to look, Students found in a former Velez Key to Success for a new crown.
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