Boca Juniors began operating with the reassembly of his squad for the 2011 season and on Monday will begin meetings with leaders to try to add Vélez Leandro Somoza group led by Julio Cesar Falcioni.

The third protagonist of the story is Spain's Villarreal, which has the same percentage (half) that Velez Somoza's pass and that he should inform Boca interest in signing the midfielder.

"(Joseph) Beraldi (Boca vice president) called me and told me the interest shown by Somoza. Tomorrow (Monday), talk it, but I can not do anything without consulting the people of Villarreal, " stated President Velez, Fernando Raffaini by Radio America.

Raffaini admitted he can not rule out the player's transfer to Boca, but stressed that Velez wants to have in his squad to play the Copa Libertadores de America 2011.

"I can not rule. I have to talk with people from Villarreal, who long ago I do, "the owner velezano, who slipped further that if the supply of Boca is good, Villarreal accept dejarlor go.

Meanwhile, Martin Guastadisegno, representative of Somoza, also manages the Walter Banfield midfielder Ervin, player required for Boca.

The employer said the two players "are motivated" to wear the shirt of "Boca Juniors", but said they must first agree the clubs to come to fruition with the transfers.

Another position you want is to reinforce Falcioni requested archer and Oscar Ustari, alternate with Getafe in Spain, but would be key for this operation comes to an offer by Boca goalkeeper Cristian Lucchetti.

The Boca squad return to training on Wednesday, January 5 and, after beginning work at Casa Amarilla, travel to Tandil to enhance the preseason, facing the Torneo Clausura 2011