"Romina is the star that guides me today." In the first note gives a half after the death of his daughter, Romina Yan, on 28 September this year, Cris Morena Viva magazine spoke of this today, how going through this painful situation, and its future employment.
- How do you follow after such an event?
- Trying to mutate pain beyond love ... In the absence, with full consciousness.
- What gives you strength, Cris?
- Feel my daughter wrapped in light, free and happy. Assume the mission that guides my heart, knowing that today they are all my children.
- You're a very Christian. At this time, were you able to give some meaning to his unexpected departure?
- So will the beings of light, to unite with the divine in the universe. The absence of Romina is momentary because their presence is eternal. He "raised" my daughter free from the illusion of death. As it is light, is the star that guides me today.
- Do you communicate with it somehow? How do you think, how you remember?
- All the time. Romina is pure presence, at all times. I do not remember, I feel I live, I smile, the greeting when I wake, I speak, I ask, I listen to everything I say, see, feel and perceive.
"I fell all the bandages and veils that were me, I stood naked in front of my destiny and power everything that was choosing from birth. Only love in action, service, joy for all the beauty that is the Universe and compassion for such a lack of light there yet, "explains Chris, speaking of their religious beliefs.
Then, the producer / songwriter talks about her role of grandmother, and sets its priority today are his grandchildren, Franco, Valentine Blue, children Romina and Dario Giordano, and Inti, the son of Thomas and Sofia Reca Yankelevich. "My four grandchildren are the future, are all mankind, for I feel, exist, live," defined. "They are representing all children of this land," he adds.
"I want to be a grandmother happy, healthy, vital, to show them the path of spirituality, art and joy of experiencing life fully, with courage, kindness and love," he explains.
It also says that today will not stop writing, despite the early days "was in shock, paralyzed, arrested in the blue" until "Romina entered me, filled my soul with your spirit, your eyes, her laugh, her hand and led me to write poems and songs that already have some music and some day will be for all who want to hear. "

- What are your career plans for 2011?
- I have plans to work with myself. Prune in me that is dry, cut some branches hanging to flourish to the fullest, work hard with my ego to master, meet some people who always wanted to know, travel a lot, write more, to dream without boundaries, building little by little my new life, through the birth canal to be born again, an opportunity that few have in life and I intend to exploit.
"It's a new year, a year to pass light with little luggage and no time of life, rebirth, recognizing me, coming home, me, Maria Cristina de Giacomi ... Cris Morena going to take a nap, like Sleeping Beauty . I worked hard to Cris Morena and now I'm dedicating Mary "ends.