The Federal Court had begun to investigate the movement in the field because they had come reports that there used to be a frequent landing aircraft. And yesterday, finally, the National Guard personnel raided the place and found 700 kilos of cocaine. The discovery was made in an area located about six kilometers from the town of Estanislao del Campo, in a house located next to National Route 24 in the southeastern province of Formosa.
According to sources in the force, besides the drug, the field was discovered in a clandestine airstrip. It is believed that cocaine was transported by aircraft from Bolivia.
Estanislao del Campo is in the Department Patiño, 135 kilometers from the provincial capital. Raided the house is located on the Place Ranero Cue and when the operation was empty. "The investigation began about four months. We were doing markings with the information we passed villagers who had seen planes flying at low altitude, "said a Prison Service source who led the operation. That was how they managed to locate the place where all these flights coincided.
"The data speak for all of two planes girls who frequented the area. The place is in a rather closed forest area. And the cocaine was half buried, hidden among the foliage. "
As for the illegal airstrip, "must have about 400 meters and is very well hidden. Is narrow, but it is enough that an aircraft can land girl, "the source added.
In the afternoon yesterday, was still performing the calibration of the "loaves" of cocaine seized, but by then amounted to 700 kilos. Reportedly is the largest cocaine shipment seized in Formosa. I still had not set out the investigation, if it had been thrown in flight or if the planes had reached land. The other suspicion is that field employees were responsible for "storing" the load.