Monday at half past ten. A beautiful sunny day provides a respite from the cold South Africa in June. In the third game after the National Team in the World, the wife of DT, which has in its hands the potential happiness of 40 million Argentines out of his home in Pretoria.

Veronica Ojeda is 7 days in L'Mae Gazella gated in the Brooklyn area, five minutes of concentration Argentina. While his parents, Charles and Rufina, and the rest of his family (which total about ten people) get on a truck for shopping, the girl from Villa Fiorito pose for photos. The note was quiet distended. Enjoying his first world cup with Diego.

"My goal was to ensure that it was quiet in the World Cup and so far I'm happy because I got it. A calm Diego him shout," says Veronica.

This is the first time that a large part of the family Ojeda made a trip abroad. A few months ago had traveled Maradona, his wife and his in-laws in Paris. Now, in South African land, enjoy the World Cup, the natural beauty and the impressive shopping malls. The clan Ojeda walked on the afternoon of Monday 21 fifty kilometers from Pretoria to Sandton, the most exclusive area in northern Johannesburg. After noon they got in the Square Mandela Square, the largest shopping center in South Africa. Before lunch, Veronica, Rufina, his friend Paola and her sister Heidi, were lost in search of the most exclusive brands. The first point was the local Louis Vuitton, where Diego was the girlfriend of clothing, handbags and shoes, but did not buy anything. Then the women of the family lost more than an hour in another department store.

Children and marriage. Veronica spreads good vibes. It provides, kind, to the interview and photos with 7 DAYS. Despite his good face, there is an issue that still could not overcome completely. Last January he lost a pregnancy of four months of gestation, after a drop in the house she shares with Diego in Ezeiza.

- Are you looking for another child?

"Yes, we are looking for, but for now we have to wait. The doctor told me I had to make many studies before trying again because I have a lot of risk to go through the same thing, and I lost two pregnancies.

- Diego is happy with the idea?

"Sure, he would love to have another child ...

- Are you talking about marriage?

"We're fine and five years ago that we are together and really not an issue we raised.

"But if he asks ...

I do not know, so we are barbarians.

My flag. Veronica Ojeda's throat is complicated. Is that the cold nights in South Africa and the good performances of the Argentina affected his vocal cords. But that, she does not care. Is happy. Not only to live next to their first World Cup Argentina DT. Above all, being the chosen of Diego Maradona during this special time of your life.

In the first three games of the national team, in Johannesburg and Polok-wane, the girl from Villa Fiorito was near her boyfriend in the audience and displayed a huge blue and white flag that he wrote her: "We Diego! Tu Ezeiza family. Always with you. " Put your signature in white letters and the rest of his family, black.

In the match against the Koreans in the Soccer City, Veronica Diego showed his rag while supervising the players warming up in the minutes before the game. The DT distinguished her among the crowd of Argentines and started blowing kisses. Veronica was excited, he pounded his chest and became, for a moment, in one of the happiest fans in Argentina. More relaxed, at the end of the party, Veronica told 7 DAYS: "I made two banners brought to South Africa, one with a heart and the other family of Ezeiza. When Diego saw, touched the heart and threw me a kiss. "

Families. The legend "Your Ezeiza family" is not capricious. While a few meters, Claudia, Dalma and Giannina Benjamin monopolize the eyes of Argentina fans, Veronica waging a quiet battle for the affections of Diego. Claudia and the girls keep a cold war with the bride Maradona official.

- How is your relationship with Dalma and Giannina?

"We have no relationship.

- But at some point tried to have it?

"It is a subject already talked to Diego. All right. They are his daughters. And I am the wife of Diego, not the bride.

The three afternoons off the campus has had since his arrival in Pretoria, were spent with Veronica Diego in the gated community of Brooklyn. In the same place are housed brides Messi, Antonella, and Palermo, Jessica.

"Last Saturday Diego came home all day we had two great" he says.

- How is Diego when they are together here in South Africa?

"In private, he wants to be with his family, quiet. When we're together the Barbarian goes, relax. It is a person who likes to be with his family.

- Is Cabulero like Maradona?

"Yes, full ...

- What is the cabal that have together in this World Cup?

"I'm not going to say, I can not really say, because if not, has no effect. But we have a cabal, a ...

- What are your expectations with the World?

"Obviously to win, the team is fine, Diego is very well ...

- How to live matches from the stands?

"What happened to my family, but overall I'm quiet. This happens because Diego is quiet.

"In this World Cup, Maradona we are seeing a more calmed down. What influenced you in this change?

I do not know. I think he's sure of himself, that is very important. And that is given by the confidence you have and, obviously, to their players.