The Flea was the figure in the opener against Nigeria and thanked him for the TD bank. Still, no one believes: "The selection does not depend on me, there are many players who can define a match," he said. Higuain's Pipit also chatted with the press and said that the important thing was who won and created several scoring situations.

Messi and Higuain in the news conference. Both were satisfied with the team's performance against Nigeria.
"Diego gave me lots of freedom and always trusted me." After being the figure of Argentina in the opening match against Nigeria, Lionel Messi thanked the coach for the bank, even in their most difficult times with the national team. Anyway, the Flea does not enlarge. "The selection does not depend on me, there are many players who can define a match," he said at a news conference.

Gonzalo Higuain also spoke, one of the weakest of those led by Maradona. In almost all his remarks, emphasized the importance Pipit have won and paid no attention to situations desprediciadas goal. "Sometimes the destination is not in your favor, the key is to create," he explained.

On the future, Messi said: "Little by little we're going to grow. Yesterday we did a great wear it was the first World Cup match, there was much back and forth but also learned to rest with the ball." On the 1-0 against Nigeria, admitted: "we took a load off." Real Madrid striker said: "Further work is still a long way. The important thing is to continue in this line."
"I felt very comfortable with Lio and Tevez," said Higuain adding the Barcelona striker: "It is a pleasure to play alongside him, I left a couple of times alone, brings you the brand. It is very important for us. " The Pipit also stressed that Argentina was "the team that created situations" so far this World Cup.

On personal performance, one of the best since it is in the selection, Messi said:
"When we arrived here, changed the mentality of the whole group. The time that we work together too much and I served much contact with the ball."

On the meeting next Thursday against South Korea, the players explained that they saw the game against Greece and probably tomorrow start preparing for the match against the East. However, Messi said: "They are quick and should not be given the ball, but we depend on ourselves."