Unseeded formalized its engagement with a high class call girl Marlene Pacheco. It is a relationship that held in parallel during his romance with Jane Viale and his adventures with Marcela Kloosterboer. A love built on strength of tolerance.

The nickname of "Don Juan" and he is nothing short of Gaston Gaudio. It just happens over a week for the most coveted tennis be walking with a woman. After intermittent while maintaining a long relationship with Juanita Viale, the "Cat" was with "new" girlfriend in the unique circuit of Punta del Este. This is Marlene Pacheco, a copy girl's jetsetter. Apparently the relationship goes back a long time, even if the tennis frequented Mirtha's granddaughter and even before that circulated photos of the "friendly encounter" with his old girlfriend Kloosterboer Mar-cela. Marlene knew, but decided to get away and forgave him. Now made a fresh start and decided to formalize the engagement. Meanwhile, Joan was reconciled with the father of her son, Gonzalo Valenzuela Va-after nearly a year apart. They are very in love and happy with the reunion. For now still in Buenos Aires and live in the house with her in Barrio Parque, but the New Year can be found in the residence Viale de Punta del Este with the entire clan. However, "Hose" go for a short time, as the recordings of "Botinera" strip in which he stars, require his presence in Telefé studies. For its part, the actress enjoys some well deserved rest days, and having just finished the recordings of the movie wrong country.

NEW LIFE. Kevin and Marlene came to the shore is on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays together. Aboard his Honda car, the tennis player with his girl landed in the area of Jose Ignacio. Both enjoyed the Uruguayan coast like two lovebirds. During the day enjoying the beautiful beaches, sun and were taking a dip in the sea. In the evening attended exclusive restaurants and were one of the most commented presences in the classic Lacoste party who opened the 2010 season. A new challenge knocks on the door of Gaston Gaudio: Fulfilling the promise of fidelity implied that any engagement implies, this time, Marlene Pacheco.