With 373 competitors, 46 of them Argentines started the race at the Obelisk; be 16 days of pure action at a distance of 9030 km

At 1430 is the appointed time to begin the feast of the Dakar Rally. That will be the time that will come from the rural to the Obelisk the first competitor in the midst of what is expected to be as massive as a call that the event generated last year.

It will be the second chance in the historic competition, known as perhaps the greatest challenge the world to rally drivers, it runs entirely off the African territory. Also second that will pass entirely into the territories of Argentina and Chile, which has its point of departure and arrival in Buenos Aires.

It is estimated that competitors with best aspirations will walk by the "podium" La Rural between 17 and 18. For the 20/06 is expected to increase by the Obelisco the last of the participants.

Will be present this year, among others, South African Giniel de Villiers, who seek to validate his victory of 2009 and the Spanish Carlos Sainz, who was close to victory but was thwarted by an unexpected accident. As for the hopes of Argentina, returns to be ahead Orly Terranova, who dreams of a place among the top five.

Beyond the powers of motorcycles and trucks, who can bring Argentina to the top is on ATVs and called Mark Patronelli. In the 2009 edition became the first representative of the country to win the Dakar stages and reach the podium, as it placed second in the final competition. This time he hopes to improve on that great achievement.


14.41. The Argentine Alejandro Patronelli (quadricycle) is the first on the Obelisk. With No. 277 says that the expectation is "able to return to Dakar and to complete each stage without problems." Circulation is cut from Lavalle to Sarmiento and among the many distinguished visitors are tourists.

14.30. The Hercules passed over the Avenida 9 de Julio and the test was officially inaugurated.
14.28. Before a large number of people involved expect the first pass through the ramp located on Avenida 9 de Julio.

14.00. Vehicles departed from La Rural.
The prior. On the first day of 2010, the trial will start today at 14:30 at the Obelisk, where 250,000 people are expected for the competition to start with a big party. Now, how will the traditional first day of this test?. There will be surprises and animations and an exhibition of two Hercules from the Air Force Argentina. The first day of activity will be a stretch, just link from Buenos Aires to Columbus, where on Saturday will begin the first of 15 stages of the total route of 9030 miles. The contest will end on Jan. 16 with the Santa Rosa-stage Buenos Aires and the next day, the awards will take place at La Rural. Following the presentation in the Obelisk, the route will lead to the highway May 25.

Send your photo to canchallena.com. Since the start or at any stage of the Dakar 2010 rally, you can send your pictures to reportes@lanacion.com.ar and be part of the traditional test.

The race takes place between Argentina and Chile, and in our country, shall be seven stages. Of the 373 participants, 46 will be Argentines, including highlights Orly Newfoundland, with his Mitsubishi, and Mark Patronelli, runner-up in the previous edition quads.

Regarding sports, the attraction will be the main protagonists. At present, the mighty Volkswagen, Carlos Sainz with Spanish and South African Giniel De Villiers (winner in 2009), BMW of Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel (won by 9 times, 6 on bike) and the spectacular American Robby Gordon Hummer. The KTM Cyril Despres and Marc Coma will defend themselves before the advance of other brands. And Marcos Patronelli, the national representative in quads, plus the impressive ride of the trucks.

The governments of Argentina and Chile contributed about $ 12 million to hold the rally and hope to repeat the tour that sparked furor in 2009 race

Patronelli and chance. Luck will play a major role in the Rally Dakar Argentina-Chile, Argentine driver Marcos said he will conduct a quadricycle Patronelli Yamaha Raptor 400, after being runner-up in 2009.Patronelli, 28, spoke about the competition. "The race must be done step by step and it all depends on how lucky you tap each stage," he told Reuters.