The Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services, by Julio De Vido, said through a statement that "the renegotiation that the Argentine government carried out with the Republic of Bolivia for the purchase of gas does not include any changes to the price patterns "
Credit: NA
Through a press release, the ministry said that "in the new agreement provides a schedule for upgrading the gas volumes sent to Argentina, according to the production of Bolivia, to progressively reach 27.7 million cubic meters / day in the coming years. "

Moreover, given that "will start building the pipeline integration which will allow increasing volumes, then equip the new Northeast Pipeline (GNEA), which will bring natural gas to the Argentine provinces of Misiones, Corrientes , Chaco and Santiago del Estero, which currently do not have that fluid.

Finally, it specified that "among new conditions include a system of guarantees and assurances to the effect that Argentina might have agreed with the gas, while Bolivia is to ensure payment deadlines.