Legend has it that back in the '30s, Victorio Sulsic, the architect who designed the stadium of Boca received as a gift a box of chocolates. Opening it was struck by the similarity it had with what was designed.

It took more than 70 years and am in the Faculty of Architecture of Moron, will meet the leadership of Boca a project that would involve the lifting of a fourth podium where the boxes are located today.

"La Bombonera" no longer resemble that box of chocolates, but allow more seating for 14,000 spectators to the stadium's capacity to reach 56,000 people seated.

Prior to this big step, Boca leaders conducted a survey among people living in the houses behind the boxes to find out who were willing to be expropriated, and most agreed.

Tomorrow, the final model will be presented to society at the University by the dean of architecture, Oscar Borrachia. Later, President George Ameal sign the agreement to begin the project. The work may begin in July 2010 and will culminate the following year. The investment will be around $ 10 million.


Former Student goalkeeper Mariano Andujar was enthusiastic about the possibility of joining the Boca campus. Currently plays for Catania, Italy. The goalkeeper believes that economics is irrelevant, since it would mean a step in his football career.