The Inter player, although he was picked by the coach in recent presentations to the selection, supported the DT and stressed his experience, also said he was excited to be in South Africa 2010

Inter defender Javier Zanetti said today that we must support the work of the Argentine national team coach, Diego Maradona, and you have "faith" to reach the 2010 World Cup, although it was not convened by the DT in recent presetnaciones albiceleste whole.

"A guy like (Diego) Maradona is not have to lose the respect, if lost, be wrong. It is a coach who, for all his experience, he instills respect for the jersey and treatment of the ball," said Zanetti told Radio La Red

On the domestic that occurred in recent days between the coaching staff and the surprise after media coach to qualify for South Africa 2010 against Uruguay, the Pupi stressed that "Diego has to be calm and devote himself to the World Cup because there is a whole country that wants the exit champion Argentina and that is the goal. " He added: "We must find a line and follow it all behind because the World Cup is close and is the only way. We know we can give more."

Zanetti is on the final stretch of his career and was not called by Maradona in the final summons, but imagine taking part in another World Cup. "I have faith to maintain the level I have in Europe for another chance in the selection and me to come to South Africa. It would be nice to close my career in Selección with my third World Cup," said Pupi.