The governor of Santa Fe, socialist Hermes Binner, harshly criticized Tuesday by PJ in his province, stating that "leaves no rule" and that he wants to "complicate the existence" of his administration.

Binner was referring to the tax reform and the 2010 budget that will be discussed again on Wednesday in deputies after the reforms made by the Senate. In this last of the cameras, the majority prevailed, PJ and why the initiative had to return to the chamber, as established parliamentary regulations.

"There will be complications to meet the obligations if the Legislature does not give green light to the 2010 budget," said the governor told Radio 2 Rosario, at which time said that "the tax update is for the welfare of Santa Fe" .

"It's fair, this is not a tax hike and will benefit the weaker sections. Without money you can not do the work needed by Santa Fe. We appeal to have no doubt that what is required is to invest in the province "he complained.

He denounced that the Peronist opposition is based on a struggle "to not let us govern and we are determined to move forward. We do not want to flip, but we want to jeopardize the existence and will be more conflicts."

"There are a series of lies. They say there is overspending, excessive appointments. And I ask you to give the name of a person who has been nominated for more. We can make a list of the 4,300 who entered the previous government "Binner said to PJ.

The socialist governor argued: "The budget is a right of the government which won the elections, if you won the elections but they oppose everything and leave no government, is a problem. Without economic resources the project is a triviality, it is irrelevant" . He also noted that "increasing taxes tends to one who has not paid and who has paid a little more."