Over thirty years after the horror of the 'dirty war' of the military dictatorship (1976-1983), Argentina continues to demand accountability to their murderers in uniform and civilian staff, for those crimes against humanity as official figures, left 9,000 missing.

The balance of 2009 in the trials to barbarism throws the number of 32 repressors convicted, plus five acquittals in the 11 processes that were undertaken in several provinces against those accused of kidnapping, torture, killings, disappearances and stolen babies .

The cases have been the most vocal of the former commander of the Third Army, Gen. Luciano Benjamin Menendez, who accumulated his third life sentence. And his comrades Santiago Riveros and Fernando Verplaetse, also punishable by imprisonment for ever.

A report by the Fiscal Unit for Coordination and Follow-up to the Attorney General's Office (PGN) detailed that 67 criminal cases against oppressors were elevated to trial during the year to be charged and that there are 860, of whom 272 are already ready to sit on the bench.

However, 40 repressors accused still at large, for example, Admiral Jorge Vildoza, who once lived in Switzerland. He is accused of misappropriation of Pennine Javier Viñas, son of the Spanish Cecilia Vinas, who gave birth in the camp of the School of Naval Mechanics (ESMA) and remains missing.

For the crimes committed in the ESMA, where an estimated 4500 prisoners passed thrown alive into the sea from the gloomy 'death flights' in military aircraft, is now substance public trial and 17 repressors, including the Captain Alfredo Astiz, also known as "The Angel of Death".

And for 2010 are planned at least 11 other lawsuits, including one against former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, 83, who will sit on the bench alongside 17 of their comrades for the crimes perpetrated in "Operation Condor" repressive coordination between then dictatorships of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia.

Under the guise of fighting the guerrillas, especially the "People's Revolutionary Army (ERP, Trotskyist) and Montoneros (source Peronist), dictatorship exercised absolute power, closed the parliament, banned political activity and association , and suppressed, in addition to the guerrillas, civilians and popular organizations.